Crowd funding

Whats the idea?

So, the idea is to build a large 1/2 bhp or 0.40 kW engine with crowd funding. Why? Well, firstly because it sounds like fun. No such engine has ever existed, so having the first of its kind sounds good too. And bigger is better.

We would also like to have a full scale engine to see whether it works; there are some aspects such as sealing a comparatively large diameter piston which need to be done to figure out how it works.

Lastly, we tried to get funding from Research Councils, but they appear to have more important projects to fund.

The next steps:

Then of course we aim to develop a commercial version, for which we need more funding. What better way to convince people than having an actual prototype working?

The way forward we see is to start with a crowd funding project. I estimate that we need around 40,000 Euros or $55,000. One of the purposes of this website is of course to raise awareness for the technology as well as to prepare the crowd funding project, which we intend to launch in March 2019.

Why a large engine?

Currently, we are stuck with small scale models. This is unsatisfactory for a number of reasons:

  1. It is difficult to convince people that the technology has potential with small models only.
  2. We need to know the costs of a full scale machine in order to determine its cost-effectiveness.

Why should people contribute?

  1. Well, we are developing a new technology for renewable energy which promises to be simple and cost-effective thereby giving renewables a boost.
  2. If you contribute, then we will keep you informed about the project progress and about the results, so that you can follow the technology development closely.
  3. When the time comes and we go commercial, there will be the possibility offered to invest and to become a part of the enterprise.