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New paper: “Comparative Analysis of ORC and Condensing Heat Engines for Low Grade Waste Heat Recovery”

Within our work on the condensing engine, we re-analysed the performance data from the Davey and Hathorn Engine from 1885, and compared the results with modern Organic Rankine Cycle systems with similar temperature ranges and power ratings. The results are surprising, despite its age the Davey Engine has a performance similar to that of the most modern ones. Plus, it has development potential. The paper can be downloaded here: Muller Howell 2021.

Paper “The condensing cycle for heat engines with an operating temperatures from 50 to 100C

At the HEFAT 2017 Conference in Slovenia, I gave a presentation on our development work including recent results on sub-atmospheric evaporation. We managed to run the engine and produce power with a boiler pressure of -0.25 bar, which corresponds to a temperature of around 90C. You can download the paper here.

Paper “The condensing engine – a heat engine for operating temperatures of 100°C and below

This paper gives a more detailed report on out experiments with a condensing engine, you can download it here.