Other interesting projects

In the areas of renewable energy and sustainable water supply, there are of course lots of projects small and large underway. In this section, we will present interesting projects I have come across.

1. Simusolar

This is a company which develops and implements small-scale renewable solutions in Africa, one example are the solar charged LED lights for fishermen to replace petrol lights – sounds not very important, but you need to consider that buying petrol for the lamps is the major and continuous expenditure for the fishermen.

Simusolar provides and finances renewable powered systems that improve life-quality and generate income. Getting these solutions into the hands of millions of demanding homes and workplaces is their aim.

2. The low-tech magazine

This is a blog which focuses on low-tech solutions in history, and for today’s technological challenges. The Low-Tech Magazine has interesting articles about long-forgotten technologies (which however may find their applications again today, just like our condensing engine), it reports on new technologies with a critical eye and gives an overview over a wide range of projects.