This is a company which develops and implements small-scale renewable solutions in Africa, one example are the solar charged LED lights fro fishermen to replace petrol lights – sounds not very important, but you need to consider that buying petrol for the lamps is the major and continuous expenditure for the fishermen.

Simusolar provides and finances renewably powered systems that improve life-quality and generate income. Getting these solutions into the hands of millions of demanding homes and workplaces is where we excel.


Simusolar provides and finances accessible, affordable, and energy-efficient appliances designed for off-grid homes and businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa. We focus on distribution, leveraging existing networks to get systems into the hands of communities, be they close by or 5 hours from the nearest town. We believe the most catalytic innovations are enablers. Our goal is to enable businesses and homeowners to achieve their vision, affordably and sustainably.

We envision communities that don’t have to migrate to find better work and quality of life.

We envision companies that profit while improving the environment in which they operate.

We envision economies that are sustainable, equitable, and inspiring to all.