The Plan

We have built and tested a model scale engine with 15 Watt power output, now we want o go bigger, building a 2 kW engine. In order to do this, we’ll organise a crowd funding campaign, build the engine, then set up business. That’s the plan, anyway.

The first stage will be to rent a small workshop, or an old filling station as a base. We’ll design the engine in stage 2, and get it built by a specialised mechanical engineering company. Then we’ll fit it with measurement equipment (pressure transducers, power take-off monitoring). A 2 kW engine will require a 20 kW boiler, so we’ll get that too.



With this engine, we can generate electricity, and we can determine the performance at near full scale (which may be different than at model scale). We also get a better idea of practical design aspects as well as costs. And, we can show it off to people so that we can get funding for stage three, the 2-cylinder Mk 2 version. This should give much improved power quality and also cost savings since quite a few components can be shared between the cylinders.

The fourth stage then is the company to develop, manufacture and sell the technology.

So what’s the time line?


Well, we needed to revise the timeline quite a bit. The experience with, and results from the Mk 2 engine have given us a great boost and design information. So, the new timeline is as follows:

  1. Design and construction of the engine: July/August 2017
  2. Workshop: August 2017
  3. Begin of campaign: End of August 2017